ChinaNet Access

Accelerate web performance and application delivery on China’s largest network

Product Overview

Launched in 1995 by China Telecom, ChinaNet (AS 4134) or “163 net” is not only China’s national internet backbone, it is also widely considered an important part of the global internet. ChinaNet boasts the most subscribers, websites, widest coverage and richest infrastructure resources of any public internet network in China. For customers looking for highest-quality experience on ChinaNet, China Telecom offers multiple ChinaNet access options that bypass congested gateways with optimal on-net routing.

Key Features & Benefits

ChinaNet is critical in facilitating communications between Western and Chinese subscribers, public and private sector companies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, educational institutions, government agencies and more.

Through ChinaNet Access, enterprises, content delivery providers and OTT customers can interact with over 420 million Chinese Internet subscribers (including broadband and mobile).

Through ChinaNet, China Telecom owns 70% of all Chinese Internet resources and maintains over 50% share of the Chinese broadband subscriber market.

ChinaNet accounts for 2.3 million websites, manages 65% of Chinese Internet domain names and accounts for more than 70% of Chinese Internet content.

ChinaNet can be accessed from North America via China Telecom’s subsea cable network.

Technical Details

  • ChinaNet has 400+ access nodes and millions of miles of fiber optic cable extending from all major Chinese cities and metro areas to locations around the world.
  • Multiple 24×7 Network Operations Centers (NOCs), offering bilingual service in both China and the United States.
  • Fully meshed and redundant network infrastructure with unrivaled on-net performance.
  • Interconnection bandwidth reaching 160Gbps with other Chinese carriers.
  • Private or public peering via partnerships with over 100 carriers.
  • Multiple access options, speeds and classes of service.

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