Wholesale Voice

Flexible International Voice Termination Service

With all the innovation in telecommunications over the past decades, voice networks have become more sophisticated, interconnecting with both fixed and mobile operators, service providers and carriers operating in different regions of the world.  Demand for high-quality, secure voice and fax services remains strong.  China Telecom Americas and its parent company, China Telecom, understand that quality international termination is needed for today’s demanding consumer and business customer.   CT Americas’ wholesale voice service, called International Voice Termination, enables you to meet your customers’ needs for cost-effective, quality calls.

Premium-Quality, Competitive Wholesale Voice

China Telecom Americas’ Wholesale Voice Service provides Tier 1 Carriers, Calling Card Providers and Long Distance Carriers, with premium-quality routes at rates that allow you to compete in the challenging voice arena, with the high quality you expect from China Telecom Americas.   Voice Termination is provided in more than 200 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, the UK and all Asia-Pacific countries.  The service employs reliable technology, expert monitoring and billing options that make the service powerful and flexible for many types of clients.

Terminación de voz internacional Con base en el poder y la confiabilidad de nuestra avanzada red global de telecomunicaciones, China Telecom Americas ofrece servicios de voz al por mayor y rutas de primera calidad para operadores de nivel 1, proveedores de tarjetas telefónicas y operadores de larga distancia. Nuestros servicios IVT ofrecen voz de alta calidad en más de 200 países, incluidos los Estados Unidos, México, el Reino Unido y todos los países de Asia-Pacífico.

Características y beneficios clave

  • Amplia cobertura de interconexión
  • Rutas estables de alta calidad
  • Servicios de soporte técnico y monitoreo de red 24x7
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