SIP Trunking

Get instant and direct global VoIP connections over China Telecom’s worldwide network

Product Overview

Business moves fast, and time matters when you’re trying to connect with business partners overseas. China Telecom’s Overseas Enterprise SIP Trunking service – combined with China Telecom’s global VoIP services – enables enterprises to fully utilize their PBXs and establish instant communications with other parts of the world. SIP Trunking creates, manages, modifies and terminates sessions with different parties in an IP network, letting you connect several channels virtually, regardless of distance. You can use it for voice calls, texting, web conferencing, streaming and screen sharing. As a provider, we can connect to your on-premise PBX (Private Business Exchange) system, which lets you establish contact without restrictions.



Global Footprint

Overseas Enterprise SIP Trunk service is available internationally; Outgoing calls can reach approximately 70 countries

Guaranteed Voice Quality

With China Telecom’s dedicated enterprise customer network, call voice quality is significantly improved

Highly Efficient

China Telecom provides one- stop service and efficient service delivery with a short lead time


Cost Effective

No hardware support or maintenance costs; Greatly reduced cost for international calls compared to the traditional model


End-to-End Communication

  • China Telecom’s Overseas Enterprise SIP Trunk Service gives you the ability to communicate across all endpoints over an IP network
  • Support for FW/NAT traversal of SIP-Trunk business and the SIP Trunk media transit

Flexible Management Capability

  • Manage your connections quickly and easily with bandwidth control, routing and resource control, IP address reporting, and QoS implementation
  • Switch calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share a number of external phone lines
  • Switch calls between a VoIP user and a user using traditional phone calls, or between two traditional phone call users in the same way a conventional PBX does


A Total Solution

  • Existing China Telecom Internet access users can “top up” with the value-added services like Overseas Enterprise SIP Trunk Service directly

Extensive Experience, Insight into Chinese Market

  • Our strong multinational team of experts with years of cross-border expertise ensures your business processes run smoothly and comply with Chinese regulations


Is SIP Trunking the same as VoIP?

VoIP is a broad term for any call made over the Internet. SIP is one of the technologies that comprise VoIP.

What is the biggest benefit of SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking has many benefits, but the one that probably matters most is its impact on your bottom line. SIP Trunking gives you instant overseas communication at greatly reduced cost compared to traditional methods.

How is the sound quality of a SIP call?

China Telecom’s SIP Trunking service routes calls over a dedicated network for enterprise customers, ensuring excellent voice quality.


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