Global IP Transit

Gain cost-effective access to China IP networks via CN2, our next-generation carrier network

Product Overview

China Telecom’s Global IP Transit offers connectivity everywhere around the world via CN2 (AS4809) with highest resiliency, redundancy and low latency. By connecting to CN2, China Telecom provides global telecom operators with differentiated Internet transit services of scalable bandwidth, outstanding connectivity, flexible billing options and rich product features.

Key Features & Benefits

Harness China Telecom’s Global IP Transit service to gain access to China IP networks with high scalability.

Customized route options including Mainland China, International and both

24 x 7 proactive network performance managing, monitoring and technical support

Highly redundant service with industry competitive SLA

Burstable billing options available for most BGP routes

Web portal for network monitoring and management

Built-in Anti-DDoS protection

Service Level Guarantee

Technical Details

  • Over 300 PoPs including Chinese cities and major cities worldwide
  • Bandwidth options are SDH (2M and above) and Ethernet (1M – 10G)
  • BGP-4 routing to AS4809 and AS4134

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