Global Internet Access

Optimize your digital footprint in China using a high performance, diversified global backbone

Product Overview

China Telecom’s Global Internet Services offers enterprises access to ChinaNet (AS4134) and CN2 (4809) through a variety of bandwidth speeds and Internet access technologies. In addition, China Telecom offers your choice of service levels and dedicated connections from over 110 markets worldwide.

Key Features & Benefits

Gain premium connectivity to China and one stop access to global Internet resources.

SLA backed Quality of Service (QoS) and five Classes of Service (CoS) enable prioritization of traffic for maximum performance and virtual routing.

Custom Value-Added Services: IDC services, Managed CPE, IPSec, Anti DDoS protection

24×7 proactive network performance managing, monitoring and technical support

NetCare web portal for network monitoring and traffic management

Customized route options including Mainland China and globally

Built-in Firewall and Anti-DDoS protection

Burstable billing options available

Technical Details

  • Completely new IPv6-capable backbone built on Cisco and Juniper technology utilizing new softswitches, DiffServ and MPLS.
  • Multiple service options (MLPS / IP VPN, DIA, NGN Trunk, 3G Trunk, private leased line, etc.)
  • Network security ensured with AS-SET updates, DNS Registry and Anti-DDoS services.
  • Dual-POPs in 161 cities and Dual-PEs installed in 148 Single-POP cities.
  • Bandwidth options are SDH (2M and above), Ethernet (1M – 10G)
  • Multiple access speeds (T1/E1, DS3, OC-3, FE, and GigE).
  • Static routing or BGP-4 routing with AS4809

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