A Global OTN Enabling Global Business to Operate at the Speed of Light

The move to cloud-based architectures has provided numerous benefits to companies in terms of the cost and performance of their compute resources. In addition to enabling companies across all verticals to use what they need, when they need it, without paying for what they don’t need, operating in the cloud has turned the age-old CapEx model into a recurring OpEx model that makes sense for the bottom line while still allowing companies to operate a global business at the speed of light.

Optical Transport Networks (OTNs)

At the heart of a cloud-based approach are the data centers – huge, often colorless buildings filled with servers that consume more power than most small cities.  While the immense storage and processing power of these entities is critical, without a high-speed way to connect data centers to each other and to the rest of the world, their value to global business cannot be fully realized. That’s where Optical Transport Networks (OTNs) come in. Offering infinite capacity to move bits and packets around the world faster than ever before, OTNs play a key role in making the network an open and programmable platform, enabling transport to become as important as computing and storage in intelligent data center networking.

Recognizing the importance an OTN-based network can play in supporting the needs of global business, China Telecom – the parent company of China Telecom Americas – has long been an adopter and advocate of deploying optical networks globally. China Telecom’s Global Wavelength Service (GWL) provides private and exclusive 10Gbps or 100Gbps lines to customers, guaranteeing comprehensive access to bandwidth and ensuring those customers get what they purchased. The GWL service supports various interfaces which can adapt to individual service requirements and are backed by competitive SLAs. An industry-leading Global Network Operations Center provides 24×7 real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance.

China Telecom has built OTNs that span the globe

China Telecom has built OTNs that span the globe – traversing vast distances over land and under the sea – and provide the highest quality bandwidth of more than 7000G. China Telecom offers more than 15 routes across the Pacific, Europe and Asia, and provides direct connections to Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Chongming, Shantou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, San Jose, London, Frankfurt, and Stockholm – ensuring customers can do business wherever business gets done globally.

While China Telecom’s OTNs demonstrate real value to customers each day, the company isn’t resting on its laurels. China Telecom has developed a comprehensive plan to continue investing in a global OTN focused on leveraging advances in technology that allow it to deliver the highest quality bandwidth at the lowest possible cost per bit to its customers. Proof of this commitment can be seen in the Shenzhen Branch of China Telecom’s recent completion of the first commercial trial of 400G OTN cluster system together with ZTE Corporation. Pushing the physical limits of what can be delivered on a single wavelength, the system supports a maximum of 64-wavelength 400G with a capacity 3.2 times that of a 100G system.

China Telecom’s commitment to innovation

China Telecom’s commitment to innovation relies on its ability to tap the latest advancements and to always keep an eye to what is next on the horizon. Today, China Telecom is preparing its networks for the 5G era which will accelerate the convergence of a new breed of services and applications at the edge in ways we have never seen. China Telecom, and China Telecom Americas, see this as an opportunity, not to deploy technology for technology’s sake, but to continually allow our customers to conduct global business at the speed of light.

China Telecom Americas, a wholly-owned US-based subsidiary of China Telecom Corp. Ltd., is an international telecom provider for Data, IP and Voice Wholesale services to multinational companies, organizations and international carriers requiring China domestic services and International access to China & Asia Pacific.

With headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, and offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, San Jose, and subsidiaries in Toronto, Canada, and Sao Paolo, Brazil, China Telecom Americas continues to expand its strength and reach.

China Telecom Americas provides locally based, one-stop-shop, turnkey solutions for everything from China domestic and international data circuits to IDC services, network management, equipment management, system integration, and much more.

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